Grilling Planks with recipe card, made from cherry wood - for fish, poultry, beef, vegetables


- Made from Cherry wood to provide a vaguely sweet and fruity flavor.
- May be use on the grill or in the oven.
- Kiln dried, Easy to use, Instructions included
- One smooth side for plating, One textured side for more flavor

Available in 3 sizes (approximately 3/8" in thickness)

- Regular size - 5" x 11.5" (8 PACK)
- Large size - 6" x 16" (6 PACK)
- Singles - 5" x 5" (18 PACK)

About our planks -

Native American lore describes the “whole elk theory” as the practice of wasting no animal part – skin, meat, or bone.

At Jonathan Alden we have the same waste-free philosophical approach so that we may minimize our impact on the land. Our grilling planks are made from cherry boards leftover from our everyday practice.

“Planking” was started by Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest who slow cooked their salmon on wooden boards. Our end cuts add a subtle but deliciously fruity flavor to meat, fish, vegetables, cheese – anything!

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