Woodworker's Classic American Hardwood Butcher Block Cutting Board


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Our cutting boards are offered in 3 distinct sizes each with their own unique pattern. Beginning with responsibly sourced domestic hardwoods (walnut, cherry, and maple) each board is glued and meticulously sanded. We carefully consider how they feel in your hands, sanding each edge so that they are a pleasure to handle and won’t splinter or fracture over time. After soaking each board in food safe oil, we sand them down and soak them again. We consider every detail, softened every corner, and build them to last.

- Available in 3 sizes
- Small - 7" x 10" x 1", Medium - 8" x 14" x 1", Large - 12" x 18" x 1.5"
- Made from premium furniture grade hardwood: walnut, cherry, and maple.
- Finished with all natural, food-safe oil.

Jonathan Alden Studio - We aim to make timeless works by detailing each piece with small embellishments - round pegs, raised platform bases, or laser engraved reliefs. Starting with the highest quality materials are pieces last longer. Precision cutting followed by ritual-like tendencies to sand and refine objects ensure that each piece is as much a joy to view as to handle and function.

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